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Team Veterans proudly walks/runs in honor of those who serve, and those who have served our country! Thank you for your service!

TEAM CAPTAINS: Richard & Liz Fadel


Liz & Richard Fadel – $500
Kurt & Jerry McDonald – $50
George & Lisa Rutledge – $50
Regina & Ross Summers – $40
Bob & Cathe Fadel – $100
Bob & Toni Keating – $50
Denise & Mike Grefrath – $100
Sam & Kara Grefrath – $30
Diane & Jerrel Gustafason – $200
Mark Hans McDonald – $200
Claire & Patrick Crosson – $75
Rich & Patti Crosson – $100
Network For Good – $100



Tammy Bader
Chris Coyle
Karen Coyle
Claire Crosson
Patrick Crosson
Victoria Di Lisio
Anthony Fadel
Elizabeth Fadel
Richard Fadel
Liesel Farris
Kylee Farris
Connor Farris

Mark Dunlop
Dani Grefrath
Denise Grefrath
Mike Grefrath
Peter Grefrath
Ben McDonald
Bethany McDonald
Erlyn McDonald
Hans McDonald
Jerry McDonald
Kurt McDonald
Shannon McDonald
Tim McDonald
Dotty McDonald Y
Hazel McDonald Y
Brandon Ritchie
Bill Sei
Rosie Sei
Regina Summers
Ross Summers
Laurie Vago
Grant Verslues
Rosalyn Welschmeyer
Lydia Welschmeyer
Bridget Wigmore
Gerry Wigmore Y