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527088_10151099683549410_1958231426_nTeam Pinson will be walking/running in honor of SGT Amanda Pinson who was killed in action on March 16, 2006 just outside of Tikrit, Iraq.

SGT Pinson was the first female intelligence soldier to ever be killed in combat as well as the first female soldier from the State of Missouri to be killed in action.

Amanda was with the 101st Military Intelligence Detachment, 501st Special Troops BN, (Air Assault) 101st Airborne

Team Pinson proudly walks in Amanda’s honor on October 13, 2018.

TEAM CAPTAIN: Bryan Pinson

Truck Center $2,500
Cheyenne Olmedo – $50
Randy & Kemlyn Mardis – $125
Kenneth Deschaine – $50
Network for Good – $40


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