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Team Fisher will be walking in honor of SGT Zachary Fisher who was killed in action on July 14, 2010 during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Zachary was with the 27th Engineer Battalion (Combat Airborne) 20th Engineer Brigade (Combat)

Team Fisher proudly walks/runs in Zach’s honor on October 12, 2019.

TEAM CAPTAINS: Sue Jacobs & In Memory of Jim Jacobs


In Memory of Jim Jacobs:
$200 Keys & Hovstel Families
$100 WCR & Tranactly Family
$300 Devin & Jerry Dunn                                                                                             $50 Carolyn Crumley                                                                                                 $100 Jeff & Norma Jean Laurent                                                                              
$100 William Taylor
$100 Steve, Jennifer & Lexi Jerome
$50 Irene Viviano                                                                                                        $100 Bryan Bowles



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Day of Registrations: 

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